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Content Management System

A content management system is a software system rendering users the ability to collaboratively administer and author all kinds of website content. Any enterprise with voluminous content finds it necessary to have a CMS in place that is capable of dealing with all sorts of content management and publishing of bulk content in a sorted and organized manner. We build customized and robust CMS solutions for such enterprises.

Our Processes And Capabilities In Delivering CMS Based Websites.

We have worked with several enterprises in developing and maintaining Content Management Systems using Content management frameworks. We have a set of standard practices and processes that we follow in order to develop world class web content management solutions.

We contributed in creating frameworks that helped our clients in creating reusable and interoperable components; create packaging standards and convert raw data (Print form or in the form of printable) into more reusable format, viz. XML or Database. We have the right expertise with digitization of content from print to XML, including transforming the content to be published to different media.

Our CMS Solutions facilitate content syndication, aggregation, collaboration, version control and integration helping to retrieve the older versions easily at any given point in time.

Value Add

We have the experience and expertise in multiple diverse domains that will help enterprises during the website design and architecture definition of the various applications in their portfolio. Our experience using CMS allows for out of the box usability and highly collaborative and iterative product development process. In addition to the domain experience, our CMS expertise will help in using the best practices and experience that has been gained by working with a number of companies over the years. Our expertise team has in agile practices, test automation, rapid prototyping and technology will help bring products to market faster and with the highest quality.

We Adopt The Following Key Features For Designing Responsive Websites