LBM Infotech

LBM strongly believes
doing business in unique and in an ethical way.

Our Process

1] Requirement Analysis

The ‘Perfect’ engagement model for start-up entrepreneurs building incredible ideas.
At LBM we work exclusively with high potential and disruptive start-ups. We act like a technical co-founder, ship fast and build epic products in an iterative and data driven manner. Our teams of engineers are self-organise, they thoroughly study the requirement and elaborate new ideas and innovation throughout the course.

2] Product Strategy and Rapid Idea Validation

Building a disruptive app or site initially is about ensuring you focus on the right things from day one. We’ll work with you to define a minimum viable product, establish feasibility and lock down the product positioning. This is where we make sure we’re really clear on what you’re trying to create. Our rapid validation process helps us crush product assumptions and make data-driven decisions on the best features choices for your requirement.

3] Solutions

We guide our client with market trend and changing scenario enabling them to firm their requirement. We don’t believe upselling the products which are not of individuals benefit. We offer proper solutions after analysing client’s thorough requirement and help our clients to reach up their expectations.

4] Reasonable costing

We are not here just to earn revenue by just adding on one on another projects, we believe to build a friendly rappo with our clients and make them feel comfortable in our zone. At the end of the day everyone is here to secure their livelihood, hence we make sure whatever we are offering with respect to project specifications is reasonable and in capabilities of our client.

5] UX Designing

We believe in producing clean and simple products. Our user-centric design approach embraces usability, clean coding, multi testing and cross verifications from experienced designers working closely with our development team.

6] Development

LBM has a strong development team led by world-class technologists. From our genesis we’ve been massive proponents of agile development. We ship code daily and allow frequent changes throughout the product development lifecycle. Our team is given the flexibility to innovate, whilst maintaining discipline and transparency to deliver projects on time – exceeding client expectations.

7] Lean analytics

Throughout the process we focus on implementing data-driven decisions into your product, from tracking retention and vitality through to establishing user behaviour that is behind the maximising of revenue. Our product managers are experienced with multi testing, cohort analysis and usability testing to create a truly world class product that speaks exactly to your users before it even launches.

8] Post Launch Support - Acquisition and Scaling

“Traditionally this has been the biggest weakness of hiring a development company, once the contract is over: you’re on your own”. Launching a product is in many ways the beginning of your start-up. You’ll learn more about what features customers want, need to manage demand as it increases and support bugs and issues created by scale or updates to your chosen operating system. At LBM we have a dedicated support and maintenance team for all development clients as well as new clients looking to support their existing software developed elsewhere.